CyberEnglish9: Poetry Unit


Note that words following a ~ symbol are poetry terms that might appear on the test. (Many defined here.)


Poets use language that appeals to the senses in order to evoke emotional reactions through sensory experience.
     ~ Imagery

Figurative Language

Poets manipulate language using figures of speech to convey meaning and emotions. Ideas are delivered through connections and comparisons.
     ~ Metaphor
     ~ Simile
     ~ Personification
     ~ Hyperbole
     ~ Oxymoron
     ~ Allusion


Poets select language and use precise word choice to convey meaning and emotions. Ideas are delivered through clarity and connotations. Poets always want to select just the right word.
     ~ Diction
     ~ Tone
     ~ Denotation
     ~ Connotation


"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it's the difference between a lightning bug and the lightning." –Mark Twain


Poets use sound devices to create a rhythm of words and language. Emotional responses and mood are evoked through the music of poetry.
     ~ Rhythm
     ~ Meter
     ~ Foot
     ~ Syllable
     ~ Scansion
     ~ Iambic pentameter

     ~ Rhyme scheme
     ~ End rhyme
     ~ Internal rhyme
     ~ Slant rhyme
     ~ Alliteration
     ~ Assonance
     ~ Consonance
     ~ Onomatopoeia


Poets create or follow a structure of words on the page. Form can give a framework that challenges writers and inspires creative solutions.
     ~ Stanza
     ~ Couplet
     ~ Sonnet
     ~ Ballad
     ~ Haiku
     ~ Free verse

Shakespeare has written many famous sonnets.